5 Fabulous First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Which You Should Know

Have you often wondered, who started the tradition of celebrating the first wedding anniversary? Why so much of importance is given to the first year only, and not to second or the tenth? Well, you will be surprised to know about the main reason behind the idea of celebrating the first wedding anniversary. It is said that after marriage, the first year is all about both the individuals adjusting with each other. And when they complete a year together, it is taken as a positive and a happy sign that both of them make a perfect pair.

So you see this was the reason why people celebrate first wedding anniversaries. But one major confusion faced by many couples is about the gift. Since the occasion is so special, the gift has to be memorable, which your husband or wife will cherish for the rest of the married life. Hence to help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 fantastic gift ideas which will bring a zillion-dollar smile on your spouse’s face.

A Surprise Vacation Trip:

How about giving an out of the world surprise to your spouse by planning a secret vacation trip? Yes, it is very much possible and we will tell you how to plan. First of all plan a location where you can travel very easily and doesn’t require much time to reach. After that, pack a mini bag for you and the spouse (after all you have been living together for a year, so you know his/her favorite clothes etc). Hid the baggage in the car-boot and head out for a romantic candlelight dinner. After that straight to the airport/ bus stand/ railway station, and voila you will gift the spouse the most memorable day of his/her life.

A Handwritten Letter:

It may sound cheesy, but not often the couple express their feelings openly. Blame it on the Indian culture of keeping it all under the wraps, majorly guys are told to keep emotions in check from a young age. Please, break this vow of silence guys (and girls too). If you feel shy in saying ‘I Love You’ to the soul-mate then how about penning down those feelings in the form of a letter. Trust us, such romantic gestures are way better than boring wedding wishes cards or greetings.

A Montage Of Photographs:

montage is a big collection of photographs which are placed together to form a story. It is one of the oldest as well the most loved idea for a first wedding anniversary gift. Gather all your pictures, from childhood days to bachelorhood to first meeting to the marriage and the entire journey thereafter. Create a story of the entire journey via photographs and bring a 100-watt smile on your soulmate’s face.

Propose Her Again

Yes, we know that it is only the first year of the marriage but there is nothing wrong in proposing her again, right? Especially in the case of arranged weddings, where the guy and the girl got married by trusting their family and instincts. So now that you know, he/she is the love of your life, it is high time to get down on the knee and confess the feelings. Do not forget the rose though!

Paper Jewelry

You read it right, we are suggesting you gift the wife some gorgeous and alluring paper jewelry. Before you declare us insane for even making the suggestion, let us tell you the reason. Traditionally couples used to gift each other ‘paper’ on the first anniversary as it is fragile and modest, just like their budding relationship. Hence keeping up with the traditions in a modern manner, purchase a set of breath-taking paper-based jewelry for the wife.

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