How a Road Trip Makes You a Better Leader

What’s the difference between a leader and a manager? The two words often get mixed up but can be extremely different. Many people argue managers are focused on business operations and leaders are centered on team members. Finding a balance between manager and leader can generate the most revenue and highest employee retention rate for a business.  Could something as sedate as a road trip help in that quest?

Today, women are leading businesses across the world and making lives for themselves as mompreneurs. What’s their secret? Some would say it’s a combination of management and leadership. Leadership lessons can be learned from theory and everyday moments such as road trips. Read on for a few of the leadership lessons we can take away from the wide-open road!

Set Challenging Goals

Picture this: you’re planning an annual family summer camping trip. It’s likely one of the first things you do is choose a destination. This is similar to goal setting in the business world. Goals are what keep people motivated and focused. Consider setting one master goal and a variety of mini-goals along the way to track your progress. Furthermore, setting goals helps you understand what skills and people you need for a project.

Foster Open Communication

Now that you’ve packed the car for your camping trip, it’s time to hit the road! Sometimes conflicts arise during long-distance traveling with groups. This can be stressful for you and everyone else in the car. From a leadership perspective, organization issues can develop due to bad communication. Ensure your team feels comfortable and knows how to communicate efficiently with you. Whether you utilize a feedback form or group messaging app, there are a variety of communication tools that help you clearly communicate with followers.

Goal setting and clear communication are two of the many leadership lessons we can learn from the road. Visit the CarRentals  blog for 6 more tips from business professionals and travel bloggers on how to become a better leader.

Eight Leadership Lessons Learned From a Road Trip

Leadership Lessons Learned From Road Trips